Installing Ubuntu as a software under WINDOWS !!!

This is the ultimate in Linux proliferation .
All the while we had seen people trying to get Linux installed after many a herculean effort and finally finishing with nothing but a dead PC.

Now here comes the easiest solution. Actually it has been around for a while lingering in the woods and has now come to the open .

A software called " Wubi " ( ) now enables users to install linux on any partition which has free space in it . It is like this , suppose you have a D-drive(partition) which has something more than 5 Gb of free space. You can begin installing linux into that drive.

If you keep an image file of the Ubuntu flavor (the gutsy gibbon and Hardy heron thingies). And then double click on the installer.

You can choose the drive where you want to install ubuntu and ow much of space you wish to assign to it and also . And lo! in about 2 minutes( depends on how fast your hard drive can transmit data within itself) You would have copied all the data required to install ubuntu.

Now you get a request for a reboot . do it

select ubuntu form the list of OS's you get at the boot menu.

Simply hit next and wait for 10 minutes ! That's it you have your hardy ready for use.

This version of Ubuntu actually uses your windows partition as a hard drive , this is ;thanks due to Wubi .

if you get bored with ubuntu go to control panel-->add or remove programs--> and hit Uninstall
and ubuntu goes away leaving everything as it was before !!!!!!

How to create a shared folder between a windows host and Ubuntu using Innotek Virtualbox

This one seemed to be the hardest part for me until i found this simple method of creating a shared folder between windows and a virtual ubuntu.

open the "terminal" in Ubuntu .
You can find it under the "applications" menu from the top left of your screen

here type out the following command

sudo mount.vboxsf name_of_the_folder_that_you_entered_in_the_shared_folder_option location_of_folder_where_you_want_the_contents_to_be_loaded_or_shared

for example if you want to share your My documents folder.

1. Open virtual box
2. Click on settings
3. Click on shared folders.
4. Select your :my documents: folder from the list and hit OK
5. Rename the folder as "documents" simply because it is easier to type it out on the terminal
6. Click on Ok
7. Open ubuntu
8. Go to terminal
9. I'll assume that you want the shared folder to be displayed in a folder called "vshare" inside your "home" folder in Ubuntu .
10. Create a folder called "vshare" in your home folder
11. Type out the following command in the terminal

sudo mount.vboxsf documents /home/username/vshare

this will load the my documents folder into your vshare folder !

NOTE; There is a simple way to find the location of a folder . Simply drag that folder into the terminal . ubuntu will automatically enter the location of the folder. There is no need to type it out :)