What happens when you call 09371272497

A large number of Indians have been receiving messages from their friends saying that someone was inquiring for them from the number 9371272497.

The callers report that they were abused by a lady for making prank calls.
The thing is this is a prank call service being run by the following people

Buggy Brains Buggy Ideas contest.
Post Office Mianpur, Distt. Ropar 140108. Punjab. India.
Phone: 01881 244777, 244727, 244784 Telefax: 244749
email: principal@ietbhaddal.edu.in

They have stated the reason for opening the service at the following location

I quote from the above link

"Hello Members and all our guests,

This is to inform you that ietBugs.com is soon going to start a new module called "Prank Calls" for all the members and has recently circulated an SMS/Audio prank call for trial purposes (09371272497) and is currently fooling hundreds of people around.

This is the first entry for ietBugs.com Buggy Brains Buggy Ideas contest.

We want to apologies in the first place, the only objective of this call is to test our new application and bring a new series of such applications, like birthday wishes, happy anniversary, and many more.

We hope you liked the testfire and might have already got an idea what it is all about. Once again sorry from ietBugs.com team if you were offended with the Phone Bhoot Prank. Also we wish that all our members treat it as a part of humor and not offensive. You all must have watched Mtv Bakra and shows like that, so we hope this is not something which is happening for the first time but yes for ietBugs this is a new experience and our application will be quite different in terms of functionality and usability.

Fun is a part of life, and making some one fool is even more funnier then the term itself. So friends you can send this number to your as many friends via sms and make them fool but don't forget to let them know about the truth later on.

Thanks & Regards,
ietBugs.com Team "

That's it these people were only trying to play pranks on you as they have said. When you call the number you will be verbally abused in-order to be safe do not call such numbers without proper verification

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