How to Setup a NETONE internet connection

Netone is a free Internet Connection offered by BSNL , India's largest telecommunications Company. 

Here are a list of steps that will help you setup a Dial Up connection when you happen to be too far away from civilization.

1. Go to Network Connections. 
2. Click on New Connection Wizard
3. ISP name is "BSNL"
4. Phone No is 172222  (NO AREA CODE)
5. Click Next and make sure you have an icon on the Desktop.
6. Great , Double click the icon on the Desktop or else click on Connections and then select BSNL from the list.
7. The Username is 80 (This is the Area code for Bangalore) followed by your phone number
8. Password is of your choice, I have kept it as "netone" .
9. Click connect and lo! begin to enjoy the web at 56kbps!!