How to repair your Seagate hard drive’s firmware issue.


Several Models of Seagate’s  hard disks(320Gb, 500Gb, 1Tb in general) have experienced sudden crashes. The drive works fine for a while and then suddenly goes kaput. The computer will take a longer time to start with a long post screen; the motor will also be rotating but the computer reports no hard disk. Alternately you might see your hard drive but with a size of 0Mb.

This problem is caused by a flawed software that runs the hard disk. Initially seagate refused to acknowledge the problem but a sustained campaign by users woke up the company. You can test your hard drive online to see if it is from the batch of flawed softwares.

I recommend using the following site for a cheeky step by step procedure to repair your drive

All of the repair sequences have been derived from the one posted by gradius on the following forum.

In case you live in Bangalore, India and need your drive fixed. I’ve all the equipment ready to carry out the procedure & could help you out. I’ve used the Max232 IC with appropriate capacitors as my RS232-TTL adapter and it worked fine.