What is all the fuss about facebook and privacy?

The chatter has increased these days with lots of techies and bloggers deciding to sign off facebook in order to protect their privacy. So what happened that changed things suddenly? Why is privacy so important now?
Last month facebook changed their privacy policy yet again. And now they get to share all your information with their partner sites. All one needs is a little HTML code from facebook and I have all your information. Now what could one do with this information?

Remember the Truman Show? That's how your life has become. Everyone in the world can see what you do each day. You live a life for everyone in the world to see, everything you do, every move you make. Every bit of your happiness and sadness is now played out to the world. The information can be easily used to stalk you and build up a huge profiling database. Your every move can be predicted and you end up being directed by your fans and friends. Imagine a life lead for the public decided by the public; that's what happens when you do not have privacy and when you choose to use Facebook's default privacy settings. And that's the reason most of us techies want to get out of facebook. We prefer leading lives and sharing updates with a small group of friends we know and not with their friends of friends or the world.

How can you reclaim your privacy and prevent facebook from making your life a Truman Show...

The most straight forward technique is to just go to facebooks settings dialog box and retrieving every setting to friends only instead of everyone. And then opting out of sites and everything else. There are a total of over 100 options before you can get your privacy back which is harder than deactivating the facebook account and leading a phone based social life.

The second alternative is to make use of automated privacy scanners such as reclaim privacy. These are just javascripts that are run inside a facebook page. The javascripts will look at all the myriad of privacy settings and will tell you where your privacy stands and will also offer to correct it..Try


there are a couple more which you can find by a simple google search; the best thing about these scanners are that they are open source and if they steal data the web will be awash with those stories.

Unless you wish to lead your life in the public's eye and wish to entertain everyone; change your privacy settings to private and lead your life, your way :) You might also want to delete unknown people from your friends lists as they might be there for gathering data to be used for spamming you later....

Why India needs Islam and Muslims?

 This article might affect people's sentiments and is not meant to be read by radicals (Both Terrorists and non muslims). If you are one please leave right now by clicking here 
else if you are one of those who support free speech read on :)

Islam is mostly a modified version of  Christianity. They are all the same except for the fact that modern islam lacks color and diversity. The only bone of contention between the two is that muslims consider Christ to be a prophet just like Mohammed and not the son of god as the christians believe. Apart from this change Islam also added clauses to kill everyone who did not believe what they wanted everyone to believe. This Kill clause is what makes islam the most hated religion in the world.
The clause was interepreted variously by zealous rulers and imams and was modified to suit their needs. It led to destruction of many amazing civilizations, women, and the very ideas that helped Islam prosper initially. It is now living in a grave it started digging by destroying everything they could not understand.
The Kill clause was never meant to be taken literally; it was like every other religious message a metaphor to teach people the idea of god but it sadly is no longer used in it's original sense.
Now coming to Islam in India, Muslims in India belong to two wide categories. The first one was the highest intellectuals who were miffed by the lack of free information and the promise of Islam to bring a Communist like Equality. Everyone was deemed to be equal and there was no caste system (It now has caste too; just as in the decline of any great religion).
The second group of people who embraced islam in India where the people who had been kicked out of the community for breaking rules (Thieves, Diseased, Perverts, Murderers.....). The incoming missionaries enticed them with a direct ticket to heaven; it was something like the way Australia was formed with thieves and murderers who later produced some fine  men (The fittest survive and the fittest are never pussies). A similar transition happened with the muslims in India; but their past always stuck as a stigma, the genes of the past lingered on and the progeny continued to be the most hated people but at the same time they also produced some fine talent. The former overtook the later and people hated muslims. These people were then manipulated into destroying everything that had color and they obliged; who wouldn't want a direct place in heaven with virgins to serve them.
At the time Islam entered india; Hinduism was in a state of disarray. It had after all survived for 5000 years. And 5000 years of evolution produced a degraded civilization with a complex caste system which prevented people from shifting professions. Knowledge was bottled up as it was believed to be dangerous. Hindus also operated on the assumption that they knew all the secrets of the Universe and that there was nothing new to learn; a foolishness that ticked on as a time bomb and further led to a spurt in casteism with each group saying that they had the secret knowledge of the universe and god. People were fighting amongst themselves and were close to destroying the very fabric of oneness and tolerance that helped Hinduism survive so long.
Islam came in as a god send to India at this time, the focus of people attention was now diverted from fighting one another to defending themselves against a scourge that at one point had claimed 70% of India. If all the muslims in India had left at the time of partition; India would have destroyed itself and become  a failed state like Pakistan. This exact scenario happened in Pakistan. There were no Hindus left for them to hate and hence they fought each other and pulled each others legs just like a dog hunting it's tail. They did try to ferment nationalism by venting anger against Hindus in India. But when you do not have a source to blame inside you; you end up fighting your brethren.
Pakistan and muslims thus played the hand of god and helped india survive in ways they never imagined. Also over the 500 years that Islam has been in India; it has been absorbed into Hinduism. When Hindus start protesting pictures of art; they are simply doing what the muslims did eons ago; destroying everything that was creative. Destroying the very freedom that let them incorporate another religion inside them...................

This article was written by an agnostic and does not support any religion
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