The Positive side of India: How we are solving our problems?

India isn't just a hot bed of problems. The country is making large strides in solving some of the biggest problems. Every problem that needs to be solved according to the United Nations Development Program exists in India. But the country isn't helpless and looking for experts from the west to assist in solutions; instead problems are being solved internally by some of the finest minds.

When India started it's journey, it started as a country with no resources. The British wanted it to fail from the word go. The fear of East India company pushed the founders to create a closed country hoping that would fix all problems. It only worsened over time. The Gandhi like goodness that was expected to pervade was found to be a lie. People work in a highly pre-determined manner.

A presentation showcasing strides made by India in solving our unique 3rd world problems
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Palmistry of the Mummies

The Egyptians are known to have believed in Palmistry. I wonder if it were possible to read the mummy's palms and know more about it. The palm creases on mummies seem to be intact. It'd be interesting on what further information it can provide besides the guesstimated writings.

Will attempt to decipher a few hands as soon as I find them. 
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What are the color codes of the Indian Flag

Saffron:                 #FF8833
White:                   #FFFFFF
India Green:         #138808
Blue Wheel :        #000080
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How to get any book, journal or magazines for free?

Books are collection of a person's mind. Getting access to them is fundamental in our growth as humans. There have been several efforts to make it easier for humans to access all the knowledge of mankind for free.

One of the best projects that I love is Bookzz


They refer to themselves as the world's largest eBook library. It'd have been true if not for more efforts by other folks. 

eBooks, Journals and Science Books

Library Genesis has a superb collection of books, journals and scientific books. They're sometimes better than Bookzz. It neatly provides a list of multiple locations from which you can download the books. You can almost always find the ebooks you need. 

It was created by the same community that created They claim to have a collection of over 50,000,000+ articles 

Sci-hub is a clever system that gives you access to any journal that has a subscription from University subscriptions. That means, you can access any journal and any article that is available online. It's super easy to use. You just need to type in the DOI or the title of the article. Lo and behold! the article that was blocked for no reason is now yours. Go make the world a better place

This used to by my old favorite. It still has a few new books but the links are often dead and it leads to too many ads. I use it only as a last resort. 

Other sources of docs

US Military Technical Documents

Most NASA Technical Docs

A re- invigoration of How What Why?

I started writing this blog as a way of keeping  a record of all the things I was learning. It was meant to be a personal record, thoughts and muses. I tried putting in information as and when possible without regard to what the readers wanted.

After a 3 year hiatus, I went through the logs to see what users wanted. Posts related to computers and internet attracted a lot of interest and seemed to genuinely help folks.

I've decided to start writing again. This time, I'll share everything I know about simplifying life using computers and the internet. Will also listen to feedback, viewership and gear articles towards it.

Thanks to all the fantastic readers over the years.  
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