How does Palmistry work

This article will try to explain how palmistry works

Palmistry is an ancient art developed mainly in the oriental nations.

So, how did this art of predicting the future through the study of palms?

A long time ago , when the Hindus(the oldest civilized nation on earth as we know) had settled and had exerted control over the basic necessities of man namely food,water and shelter. They began to look into what was happening around them. Thus was born what we call as "science" or "inquiry" into what was going on around them.

One of the fields born thus was Palmistry. The Indians performed autopsies on dead bodies and also developed some very ingenious methods in-order to remove the skin from a dead body(they used to tie the body with a few reeds and place it in a flowing river, the river removed the skin and in 2-3 days they had a body which was devoid of skin but with every other organ intact!)

coming back,

So some of these scientists were intrigues by the lines on the hand and more intriguing was that these lines changed continuously. They tried to explain why these lines were changing and to do the same they started keeping records i.e they actually preserved the hands(palms in particular) and created a huge book with palms of every person possible and along with these they added a little personal information on the subject.

Soon a pattern began to emerge from these records. people with similar traits had similar lines and at similar places! people who killed(for the love of it) showed an abnormal line running in the center of the hand(abnormal because it stood out from the 100s of other palm impressions)
similarly after years of research the Indians put together a complete manual of what a particular line stood for. Soon after they could predict the future using the traits which were there in the present.

A persons future can never be predicted earlier on in life because he could decide on becoming anything, an accurate prediction is possible only after he is about 20 or more(big enough to make his own decisions).

So why do the lines on the hands change ? the lines change because of the re-wiring that takes place continuously in this awesome brain of ours. The brain with it's powerful processor does not sit idle, instead it predicts where it is heading using the data it receives from the sense organs. This is essential for the body to be prepared for whatever that would come up in the future. Thus the brain is able to predict the future using whatever data it has received over time.

It is like statistics you get a large amount of data and then you find a pattern in it and then a formula and then this formula helps to predict the future values.

the changes that occur in the brain due to this re-wiring process can be felt all over the body. The palms are the most sensitive of all since they contain the nerve ending anything happening up there in the brain will show up easily on the terminal points, the palm , the feet etc..

this also explains how some people have been able to give accurate information about a person by studying their palms, feet and some even going for the buttocks!

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