Bluetooth Monitor for Toshiba or any laptops

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets you connect two bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly. This ubiquitous technology is present in most of the cellphones,laptops and notepad computers. It is also the technology that connects your headsets to your Mobile phone.It is also used in the wireless Keyboard and mice that let you operate a computer from large distances.

A bluetooth monitor is a software that provides the drivers that are essential to connect the bluetooth device to your computer.

Most of the modern laptops(>2004) have a built-in bluetooth chip which helps transmit data wirelessly. But most of the desktops and the older laptops do not have this component. You can add a Bluetooth functionality by connecting a device called the Bluetooth dongle. (The Dongle looks like the one below)

When you add a Bluetooth dongle to a Toshiba laptop and if it is not something that has not been built by toshiba then you can't use it properly for long periods. You would have to download a set of softwares called the bluetooth stack from toshiba's website . This will allow you to operate the bluetooth dongle but for a period of 30 days.

This is because toshiba assumes that you are a a developer trying to use their tools and expects you to obtain a license from them. After the end of 30 days, the Bluetooth software/stack will stop working and the following message is displayed "Please obtain a license for this version of Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba."
But then there is no way to get such a license as toshiba does not sell such licenses !

So what to do when you get this ?

Here is a simple workaround, which I believe, will work for all laptops and PC's.

Install a different Bluetooth Monitor software such as Bluesoleil .This software is very similar to Toshiba's Bluetooth stack and Bluetooth Monitor softwares. It has more features and supports a very large number of Bluetooth Dongles.

Bluesoleil is one of those popular softwares on file sharing sites. You can download Bluesoleil from The Pirate Bay or Mininova or Torrentz using the following links. Just Click on the thumbnails to go to the relevant sites. But be warned that you could get infected with a few malicious viruses and Trojans transmitted through the torrents. You have been warned.

If you have a clean mind that is against piracy, you can download an original version of the software from the official website. The catch is that it is a shareware.

Bluesoleil is a shareware and used in the free mode it allows you to transfer a max of 5 MB of data at a time. Once you buy the license, you can use it with no limitations.

This should solve all your bluetooth manager problems on a Windows PC /laptop no matter when the laptop was manufactured.

I had a Toshiba laptop with a 3.0 GHz hyperthreaded processor and 1.2 Gb of RAM but with no Bluetooth. I faced all the above problems and whatever is written above is the solution that i managed to find. The bluetooth now works great with abssolutely no problems. Blesoleil seems to be a tad better than Toshiba's original software.

Linux users need to download a package called "bluetooth-gnome" OR "bluetooth-kde" using a suitable package manager depending on the windows environoment you use. These packages will add an application to transfer files that will work as a breeze and moreover it is legally free too! By default Ubuntu does not have a bluetooth data transfer program. Even though it is a small file of size < 1MB , It is not included. it's like the mp3 issue. You cannot play music unless you install gstreamer and gstreamer for mp3 is such a small download! Strange are the ways of opensource.

An Extremely Simple Water Level Detector

Here is an extremely simple circuit to check the water level of your tank. It works on the principle that water is a fairly good conductor of electricity.

The 9v supply can be given from a battery and a buzzer can be used as a source of indication.
The 9V battery and the buzzer together cost Rs20/- or 50 cents. i bought 20 meters of wire to make the connections to my room.

The circuit diagram is as shown below:

When you apply a voltage preferably 9V so that it can pass through the water even if the water's conductivity in your area is low. The circuit is completed by the rising water and the buzzer starts beeping loudly

you could add a 555 timer to the circuit to get a series of pulses instead of a single long buzz.

happy water saving

Did Man go to Moon?

The shortest answer to his question is "YES" we did.

Then why the controversy? you would ask . It all has to do with some cheap publicity sought by fox news in the 90s.
They showed footage from earth and compared it with the one from the apollo missions and then blantly concluded that we never went to the moon.

The Saturn Rocket that carried man to moon

most popular arguement put forward by people who say we never went to the moon is that the flag unfurled by the astronomers is fluttering in the air , given the fact that the moon has no atmosphere and hence no air they say that the whole thing was shot at a location in nevada. But if we were to consider the actual reason for the flag to appear to be fluttering it looks like a great joke. Here is the reason:-
When the mission began , the crew were supposed to simply get the flag across on a T shaped pole. The idea was that since moon had no air , the flag would anyway droop down which wouldn't look good on such a great mission. So in order to have the flag upright a T-pole was sent to hoist the flag as we do a curtain. Unfortunately due to a mechanical glitch the flag did not extend completely. There were a lot of ridges on it and it looked as if it were fluttering in the wind. The Apollo astronauts thought that it looked good and unfurled the flag as it was;with the glitch. All subsequent missions followed the same idea in all their missions and it held on. And this was used as a proof by the hoaxers!!!

All this and more of the supposed hoaxes are busted at ""
use the link above to see more of the supposed hoax stories demystified

The following video summarizes the attitude of the moon hoax busters

How to Restore Comodo Firewall Pro to its Default state / allow firefox to work without problems

Comodo firewall pro is the best firewall software around. It is safer than most of the firewalls out there and best of all , it's free!

Soon after beginning to use it I found that i had inadvertently blocked my favorite browser,Firefox.
i tried to add firefox to the list of trusted applications but it did not work and then finally i had to disable comodo in order to access the web.

If you have been through such a problem with comodo here is a solution which will almost always work.

This tutorial is for CFP 3

step 1 : Open Comodo and then select "firewall" from the upper tab. Now click on "Advanced" and then on "Network security Policy

Step 2: When you have clicked on the "network policy tab. The window shown below comes up. You'll find the policy settings for every web based application. Navigate to the application which us having troubles accessing the web. here i chose firefox(Under treat as you can see that firefox is a "trusted application" but this was after i changed the setting, earlier it was under "custom" settings which was when i had problems)

Step 3 : Right click on the name of the program that is having troubles accessing the web. Click on "edit".

Step 4: Click on "use predefined policy" and select "trusted application" from the drop down menu . Click on apply .

This should solve the problem and enable access to the web to the specific application .

the Blinkx ad service

Blinkx seems to have launched a new ad network that is very much similar to the one from revver. But the difference is that blinkx won't allow you to upload a video instead you can use videos from any network on the web.

Blinkx will act as a search engine and share revenue from whatever revenue you get them

for example check out this sample video

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