How to use Python for coding with ZPL?

ZPL-Zebra Programming Language is used for communicating with Zebra Printers. They are mostly used for RFID and Bar-code printing. As ever, I wanted a bit more control over how my ZPL printer worked and had to get working.
The easiest technique is of course Python. And this is how I did it.

First get the Zebra package from Pypi

Installation is simple. From commandline navigate to the folder containing and then enter
python install   [Windows Only]

I presume you've installed all necessary drivers. If you are using Win 7, Windows would have automatically installed them for you. If you're on Linux, you'd need a CUPS driver. Just look at the documentation.

Example Program:

#ZPL commands to be sent to your Printer
Hello World

#End of ZPL commands to print Hello World

from zebra import zebra
z.getqueues                                      #This will return a list of printers installed on your computer. 
z.setqueues('ZDesigner_ZPL_200')  #Set the default printer to your new ZPL printer
z.output(label)                                  #Have fun sending data to your printer.It's as easy as it can get. :)

####END OF CODE####