How to optimize Firefox for a netbook ?

Netbooks have small screen and the same old story. We'll go through a few addons that'll turn Firefox 3.6 on your little netbook into a mean Chrome-beating super-optimized browser. At the end of everything, your browser will look like this.

You'll need to install the following addons to get your firefox to look like this -

1.Compact menu 2 : Replaces the default menu bar of firefox with a single button. {the button at the top left of the screenshot above}  

2.Hide Caption Titlebar Plus : Removes the annoying and useless titlebar from firefox.

3.Fission : Combines the progress bar and address bar a.k.a Safari, this allows you to do away with the status bar and obtain even more screen real estate. To disable status bar: Compact Menu->View->Status Bar

That's it, your firefox will look so much cooler and give you some much needed real extra real estate. You may also want to try the following addons.

4.No Squint: Set every page to be zoomed to a default value, the addon also remembers zoom settings for every page. This is extremely useful on a small screen.

5.Readibility: removes all unnecessary ads and pictures from a webpage and renders it into a magazine like format for easy reading.