We need the Nuclear Deal

I am a citizen of India,Karnataka,Bangalore. We have been facing huge shortages of power. This is not something that will be temporary. The changing climate of the world has forced this upon us. We are seeing the first glimpses of This phenomenon all over the nation. We are getting rainfall when we shouldn't . We see rains when we shouldn't be seeing them. We have cold summers and hot winters. All these poin to only one thing we can never depend on mother nature for our energy resources. We need to find an alternative. And the way the americans are poluting the world with their gasoline vehicles means that things will get worse soon.

Our Atomic department has failed us. Like the Space department they had a good beginning but lost way soon after they were denies any information about advances around the globe. Our plans for using thorium are brilliant. All we need are working plutonium reactors. But this is something no one has been able to do. If we are to be independent of nature's grim's and fancies we need to do something on a large scale like the americans did with their moon journeys. We have two options in front of us :-
1. We invest heavily into The DAE and hope they figure out a way of the plutonium reactors.
2. Make a similar investment in building and operationalizing Nuclear Reactors With the help of people who have already done them.

The first point will take a lot of time to conceive as we will have to reinvent the wheel again.
The second point is more pragmatic, In the interests of the nation you must do something that India has never seen since Vallabhai Patel. A grand scheme is required to save the nation from the vagaries of nature that will soon follow. You must let your Memebers of Parliament to decide what is good for the nation and to use their brains and the nature's future in mind.
The advantage of nuclear fuel is that a very small anount of fuel (in grams) can power entire cities for an year !
There is no such powerful fuel apart from anti-matter.

Please do help the nation by doing what is good for it and not what is good for your part. A patriot does not think of what happens to him as long as the nation lives /happily.

The confused Indian

so our government has finally got a man as a PM ! After suffering under the hands of the communists for 4 years like a woman in a troubled marriage ; our prime minister has finally realized that the only way out is take a hard stance.

For 4 years they did nothing visible , everything that was done according to the Common minimum program was to get votes at any cost. The poor innocent Indians as usual voted for the congress without bothering whether their representative was a thief or a criminal or their hated trader !

And then come the communists who always refer to our great nation as "this nation" they are shy and afraid of calling themselves Indians! Who do they think they are;agents of china waiting to go back to their fatherland as soon as India is down and out? They even resolve to take out strikes and hartals with the sole aim of paralyzing "this nation"!!!!

The PM is no different and so are the cabinet , they all refer to us as people of "this nation", they never say our nation OR My Country OR my India OR any such things . Is this because all their bank accounts are in Switzerland that they have no damn respect or honor being an Indian. and the foolish people with the hearts of kids who would do anything people tell in a trusty manner vote for them again and again .

This always leaves me confused whether i am in India or some other country. These unpatriotic money swindling bastards who have come to power under a ring of caste and decit drive me crazy! I hope to see the day when every ****ing politician will refer to my dear country as "Our Country".

How to score Marks in VTU exams

NOTE (2013-8-28): This is meant to be a humorous article deriding everything that was bad with VTU during the 2005-2009 time frame. THIS IS NOT A GUIDE. There is no way to do well in any exam other than by working hard on your memory.  

the dreaded exam season of the unreliable VTU has begun here are a few tips that will help you score more marks in these exams.

1. Use an Ink Pen . it is only a myth that you cannot write quickly with an ink pen but with enough practice you can actually over run your ball pen colleagues.

2. write to the point. If they ask you to name 5 words, do just that , don't do anything else.

3. write a little legibly .

4. By-heart the answers just as you did for Pre-university and simply write those answers

5. Use the local author's books (Ganesh rao , giridhar etc..) these are the people who set up the question papers . if you read their books chances of getting better marks is very high as they give questions only from their books.

6. understand the recommended books but read the local authors as none of the stuff that you understood will fetch you any marks. If you are used to tutions ,then go to these authors for tutions. if you are lucky they will even give you questions papers that will be the most likely to appear!

7. You will have 8 questions in each question paper. Do not study all of them as you will find yourself in a confused state and will not be able to answer properly. prepare for 6 of them properly i.e you should be able to answer any question they ask from those 6 questions.

8. if you are an early bird . you can even think of writing the tough formulas on the benches. It is not illegal to write on the bench. The VTU rules do not mention it as a malpractice. You can always say that someone else wrote it :)

These rules like the 8 questions in VTU will fetch you more marks just as you did in high school and PU . all the best

Power from the skies

This article is about a new way of producing electricity by using the potential difference between the earth and the sky

The biggest industry in the world is the one dealing with energy. Energy in all forms is a trillion dollar industry mainly supported by oil and petroleum. Petroleum is now at a peak price making lives difficult for all the non-fuel producing nations of the world.

People have tried many methods to produce a reliable renewable source of energy but have always met with one or the other limitations. Solar cells don't work without sunlight.batteries run out in hours instead of months or days and so on...

Consider the earth and the sky. The sky and earth have a huge potential difference between them. During lightning the charges are grouped together on the clouds and then when the potential is large enough to breakdown air you have a huge surge of electric current passing to the earth ; this is what produces the light ,the sound and a foul burning smell of air on fire!

For the record the breakdown voltage of air is a few thousand volts(>20000 volts). Normally there is a voltage difference of about a 1000 volts between the earth and the sky. This can be easily calculated assuming the earth and air to be a capacitor and then assume that the troposphere is a conductor due to ionisation by dear SUN and the earth is a storehouse of negative charge or electrons . the potential between the capacitors assuming an air dielectric, an ionosphere of an experimentally found conductivity and a distance of around 50 KM can be found using the expressions for the capacity of 2 concentric spherical capacitors.
Once we have the capacitance we have the electric field and this divided by the distance will give the voltage and this is around a 1000 volts.

What this means is that we are actually living inside a generator ! made up of 2 DC plates . If we were to somehow connect these plates together a discharge will occur and we would have controlled lightnings or discharge of energy , by using a high enough resistor we can limit the voltages and currents and use them for our uses.

Here is a simple plan for using this energy:

We will first build a balloon strong enough to withstand an ascent to a height of 30 Km. The balloon will ascend and take up a Conducting lightweight cable of very high strength , in particular the carbon nanotube would be an ideal starting point. Soon after we reach the ionosphere there would be a flow of electricity in the cable. This can be used to induce a current in another cable or used to heat a cable to produce electricity or used diredtly as a positive potential the earth will act as a cathode, effectively we will have an infinite power source!!

With the advent of present technologies we should be able to build such a thing within 5 years. This will be a solution to all our energy problems.

One Point that i have noticed is that we cannot have any flying object within a 30KM cone. this is for the safety of the aircraft as there could be a possible collission as the cable could move do to air and currents of the skies.