Which is the best string theory and what the hell are all the many dimensions ?

This is a simple article about the string theory and the many dimensions present in our universe. I wrote this a year ago and is kept as simple as possible to give you a neat idea about the string theory and all the dimensions associated with it.
Here it is :-

The Best String Theory

Introduction: The string theory, which is poised to be the Grand Unified Theory, has run into trouble due to the increasing number of them, satisfying all the mathematical conditions needed to explain the universe. But only one of them can be correct. This paper will try to pin-point the correct string theory.

Let us go back in time to the point of birth of our universe. It was not like the universe we live in .It was a multi-dimensional universe. This then broke up to give the universe we live in now.

String theories predict different dimensions for this multi-dimensional yet-to-be-born Universe .They predict 10 or, 11 or, 26 Dimensions. All these satisfy the mathematical conditions but physically only one of them exists.

The world we are living is 4-Dimensioanal as proposed by Einstein. Another easy of confirming this is that we are able to see 3-D, 2-D and 1-D objects from this universe .We can see a 3-D object only if we are in the 4th Dimension or any other higher dimension.

Suppose the universe began as a 10-Dimensional world then and only then could it break up into the world we live in that is a 4-D,a 3-D,a 2-D and a 1-D world .when we add all these dimensions we get back the 10 Dimensions from where the world started ![1+2+3+4 = 10].None of the other String theories can do this .If they can satisfy this simple analogy then they cannot be proper string theories as it would jeopardize all mathematical identities and make them useless. Hence this String Theory i.e. the 10-D theory is the only valid string theory to explain the universe we live in.


R-5 is a video produced by a group of students from RNSIT, an engineering college in bangalore .
It's a story about an attempted hijack of their college bus, the ' Route no 5 '.
the movie has a cast made entirely of students and added to it there is the driver and a few teachers who show up in 1 or 2 frames
This short movie won the first place at "Parichay", a movie making competition in RNSIT !
Here is the 10 minute shortened version of the video which uses open-source i.e creative commons music

How to Break into a Toyota

Last year around this time we had been to Delhi, the capital of India

While coming back to Bangalore we had a stop over at an emporium in-order buy some stuff as gifts. At this juncture something happened to the car keys; I guess the car never had a proper set of keys to begin with . As soon as we came out of the shopping plaza we found that the car would not start no matter what we did.

And then came this Punjabi lad, our Saviour of the day
He began with nothing more than a piece of iron molded to look like a key along with a plastic key
He inserted this rod like thing into the chamber that houses the keys and then worked on it for a few minutes, all he did was to insert the mold and then he would file out some excess edges, the regions to file where known to him as soon as he had inserted the mold into the ignition slot.
After 5 minutes of working like this he was ready with a key !

A brand new key for a toyota in less than 5 minutes flat ! ! ! ! !
Boy! what a genius key-maker he was

Here is the video which shows how he did this all

The Nine Unknown

Ancient Indian texts speak of great advancements in science. Ancient texts have been found that describe flying machines (vimana), “Pushpaka vimana”, a flying machine is used by ravana to abduct sita in Ramayana. Similarly the Vedas supposedly describe the nuclear power. When the first ever Nuclear bomb was tested in 1946, Oppenheimer; the man behind it,exclaimed,”Kotisoorya samaprabha.....” (The light of a thousand suns) in Sanskrit quoting from the Vedas !

  • But then what happened to all this knowledge ?

  • Where did it all go ?

  • Why were we so helpless that we couldn't even defend ourselves from the Muslim invasions?

Ashoka (270.BCE) was one of the greatest Indian Emperors, he wanted to be the only ruler of India. He continued the legacy of his great grandfather Chandragupta Maurya. He went on conquering many parts of India to bring them under his rule. It was a cakewalk for him until he tried to conquer Kalinga (The present day Orrissa). The people of Kalinga resisted this invasion, they fought a valiant battle to defend their land , they could not be intimidated by the huge armies of Ashoka. Finally Ashoka won the battle which cost the lives of 1,00,000 men !

The scenes of death and destruction moved Ashoka so much that he decided to never wage a battle again. He got himself converted into the religion of Buddha.

At the same time, he decided that all the weapons of war and all knowledge that can cause destruction should be hidden from the view of the people. [I guess only a few people could read at that time and fewer still had the complete knowledge of science and hence it was easy to conceal information]

He created a secret society called “The Nine Unknown” , a group of nine people who would have access to all knowledge and also develop it but would ensure that it did not get into the wrong hands. “The Nine Unknown” is one of the oldest secret societies in existence as we know and their aim was “to preserve and develop knowledge that would be dangerous to humanity if it fell into the wrong hands”. The nine people were supposedly well versed in 9 fields, the fields are as follows :-

  1. Propaganda and Psychological warfare.

  2. Physiology, including instructions on how to perform the "touch of death." One account has Judo being a product of material leaked from this book.

  3. Microbiology, and, according to more recent speculation, Biotechnology. In some versions of the myth, the waters of the Ganges are purified with special microbes designed by the Nine and released into the river at a secret base in the Himalayas.

  4. Alchemy, including the transmutation of metals. In India, there is a persistent rumor that during times of drought or other natural disasters temples and religious organizations receive large quantities of gold from an unknown source. The mystery is further deepened with the fact that the sheer quantity of gold throughout the country in temples and with kings cannot be properly accounted for, seeing that India has only ever had one gold mine.

  5. Communication with extraterrestrials.

  6. Gravitation. Book 6 is said to contain the instructions necessary to build a Vimana, sometimes referred to as the "ancient UFOs of India."

  7. Cosmology

  8. Light

  9. Sociology, including rules concerning the evolution of societies and how to predict their downfall.

Each of The Nine Unknown supposedly have a book each; which contains complete information on the field assigned to them.

J.C.Bose, and Vikram Sarabhai, the man behind the Indian space and missile defense programs are speculated to have been members of the Nine but the society is so secretive that no on even knows if it exists at all.

The Nine are also supposedly responsible for the creation of the Cholera vaccine, when the scientist from Germany came to India he is supposed to have been given instructions by the Nine Unknown on how to make the vaccine and he did it. They did this because among the priorities assigned to them,they were to look after the well-being of the world.

So, what this means is that ancient India did have an advanced science which was curtailed and put under wraps by Ashoka after seeing the bloodshed it could produce. The job of developing and knowing the science was given to 9 people who were to add to the knowledge but would not let it go into the wrong hands. This explains why we haven't seen any mass-destructive offensive or defensive equipment by our ancestors for at least the past 2000years which left us open for attacks by the barbarians of the North West.

Ashoka may have wanted us to abstain from war because of the destruction it could produce. Moreover since he was spreading Buddhism, a religion of peace all over the globe, he may not have apprehended any danger of wars.

This explains why we didn't inherit much super-knowledge from our ancestors. We weren't meant to know it as it would be dangerous to one and all.

Post script: (How I ended up with this article). I was searching the Internet for secret Indian societies , but the results repeatedly pointed to something called “the nine Unknown”. A little more searching revealed that it was started by Ashoka etc. I have referred the following pages and also added my own inputs to write this article.


The legend of Nine Unknown men


Sanskrit texts

Please share any additional information if you may have it.