How does Palmistry work

This article will try to explain how palmistry works

Palmistry is an ancient art developed mainly in the oriental nations.

So, how did this art of predicting the future through the study of palms?

A long time ago , when the Hindus(the oldest civilized nation on earth as we know) had settled and had exerted control over the basic necessities of man namely food,water and shelter. They began to look into what was happening around them. Thus was born what we call as "science" or "inquiry" into what was going on around them.

One of the fields born thus was Palmistry. The Indians performed autopsies on dead bodies and also developed some very ingenious methods in-order to remove the skin from a dead body(they used to tie the body with a few reeds and place it in a flowing river, the river removed the skin and in 2-3 days they had a body which was devoid of skin but with every other organ intact!)

coming back,

So some of these scientists were intrigues by the lines on the hand and more intriguing was that these lines changed continuously. They tried to explain why these lines were changing and to do the same they started keeping records i.e they actually preserved the hands(palms in particular) and created a huge book with palms of every person possible and along with these they added a little personal information on the subject.

Soon a pattern began to emerge from these records. people with similar traits had similar lines and at similar places! people who killed(for the love of it) showed an abnormal line running in the center of the hand(abnormal because it stood out from the 100s of other palm impressions)
similarly after years of research the Indians put together a complete manual of what a particular line stood for. Soon after they could predict the future using the traits which were there in the present.

A persons future can never be predicted earlier on in life because he could decide on becoming anything, an accurate prediction is possible only after he is about 20 or more(big enough to make his own decisions).

So why do the lines on the hands change ? the lines change because of the re-wiring that takes place continuously in this awesome brain of ours. The brain with it's powerful processor does not sit idle, instead it predicts where it is heading using the data it receives from the sense organs. This is essential for the body to be prepared for whatever that would come up in the future. Thus the brain is able to predict the future using whatever data it has received over time.

It is like statistics you get a large amount of data and then you find a pattern in it and then a formula and then this formula helps to predict the future values.

the changes that occur in the brain due to this re-wiring process can be felt all over the body. The palms are the most sensitive of all since they contain the nerve ending anything happening up there in the brain will show up easily on the terminal points, the palm , the feet etc..

this also explains how some people have been able to give accurate information about a person by studying their palms, feet and some even going for the buttocks!

The Lights Of Sabarimalai

UPDATE: THE Government of Kerala has officially confessed that the lights in Sabarimalai were being staged by Government machinery. Read the story here

Sabaramalai - (the hill of shabari) is the legendary hill where the mythical character of shabari lived.

In modern times this place has become famous for the ayappa temple situated on top of it. It is believed by conspiracy theorists that this temple may actually have been dedicated to Buddha !

They go on giving examples stating the influence of buddhism in the area and ending with the seating position of ayappa which they believe resembles that of the buddha

Now coming to the controversy, this is with regard to the lights that come up every year on the 14th of January
How can this be explained?

Here is a rational explanation with proof.

According to the traditions of the tribal's every year during the harvest season they lit a pyre of wood in the forests this, I believe was nothing but the age old tradition of making the cattle jump over a raging fire which is still done all over India

as time went on the practice was discontinued most probably because it was difficult to herd the cattle up the mountains.
Earlier to this time , a temple had been built for ayappa on top the shabari hills. And when anyone looked towards the older mountain from atop the mountain of the temple it appeared to be a brilliant display of light for as long as the flames put up for the cattle run existed. People enjoyed the sight and somewhere down the line someone said that the lights were that of the lord of the hills ; this legend caught on and there was no looking back in order to in-satiate the thirst of the devotees year after year a fire was light as a formality in remembrance of the age old culture.

Also just before the light is to come it is believed that an eagle will arrive. This can be easily explained all one needs to do is put some food and with right food along with a little help from the theory of probability you will always get an eagle; soon after an eagle is sighted a message is relayed and this is put in practice in way of lighting a fire to a pre-configured pyre ! producing a light just as the devotees expected.

The bad thing is that all these ceremonies are not explained and instead some fanatic goes on record saying that it was an appearance of god on top of the hills. This notion has also been promoted by the atheist communists as it has helped them rake in a lot of money in the name of; god, of-course.

Evidences Present for whatever I have said
  • 2-3 months before the season (read pilgrimage) is to begin people are not allowed inside the hill opposite to shabari, it is cordoned off by the police and the temple trust
  • an youth organization of Kerala, The Kerala Yukthivadi Sangham(The humanist association of Kerala) had once managed to sneak in its volunteers and they managed to light 2-3 pyres producing 2-3 lights. The devotees who by now had lost the rational thinking believed that the lord had appeared thrice to appease them
  • A few people from the Kerala state electricity board have testified to what happen in the cordoned area, read it here
Now that you know the truth, the next time you go to this awesome place called shabarimalai enjoy the nature. And when there are lights coming u p in the mountain be happy , you are one of the only few who questioned their source which is also the true purpose of any religion.

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Why is the TATA Nano called so?

It's out..
the one lac rupees Car from the tata stables is out at last and will soon be rolling all over India. It has accomplished something which everyone said was impossible.

The car is called NANO and i was wondering why ?

Here is why i think it is called so. When ratan tata announced for the first time that he would make a car for 1 lac rupees so that every Indian could drive and flaunt a car; most of the corporates jeered at him. Maruti Suzuki even went on record saying that there is no way anyone could build a car for 1 lac and make a profit!

The press caught up with this wind and started saying: "NO" it is impossible, "NO",he is bluffing, "NO" he can't build it and stuff.This was in the English newspapers

The Hindi newspapers and magazines roared saying "Na",yeh to namumkin hei (NA means NO in Hindi)

But then yesterday Tata proved em all wrong and cheek in tongue combined the No's and Na's of everyone into one word "NaNo"
The first 2 characters being 'No' in Hindi and the last 2 characters being 'no' in English.

Thus TATA gave a reply to their detractors in their own language :)

way to go TATA

We need a new flag

We Indians are a proud nation and when we see others wearing their nations on their sleeve, we feel the urge to do the same But we have a problem Legally speaking we are not allowed to show off our flag on our clothing or to hold it to wrap oneself. This is because of the strict flag code that is followed in India. We are Supposed to respect the flag and must not dishonor it at any cost.

The Americans too do have a flag code but their interpretation of liberty allows them to use it for clothing and to wrap themselves up in their flag and do what they want with it , because of the liberty clause their flag code is in tatters and it doesn't matter what they do with it.

In our nation the makers of the constitution clearly said that you weren't allowed to use the flag as you wanted and the rules are implemented in a strict sense.

So how do we show off our patriotism without breaking the law ?

The solution to this would be to develop a flag which represents INDIANS but is not the official flag, this new flag will show people that they are indian but they won't have the flag rules applying to them!

So how should this new flag be/look ?
It should look good and must also make a nice clothing material and must be different from things that are out there

Do come up with ideas for this flag and i'll try to put up one soon
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Why is Skype available only on PSP-2000?

As Sony has said Skype will be available on PSP so on (January of 2008) as per the recent announcement.

But the bad thing is that the feature will be available only on the PSP-2000 and not on the earlier version of PSP-1001 , this is because the software will not run properly on the PSP-1001.

Even the new firmware 3.80 runs slowly on the psp 1001, the ram i believe is insufficient to run the new softwares.

Hence the newer psp with twice the RAM as compared to the older version Will be capable of running skype smoothly .

moreover introduction of a feature that doesn't work properly is a waste of resources and sony will be blamed for the bad quality of the device because of the feature which no one could think of when it was first launched

How Benazir may have died

How Benazir may have died

[Warning: every line after this line may be fiction]

It was a busy day as usual with the hectic campaigning coming to an end , Benazir stood throught the rooftop cheering at her supporters.
Beside her agents in black suits were guarding her along with a huge possee of policemen

Just a month earlier the army had tried to eliminate her in a suicide bomb explosion but it failed, they had realised that there was no way that a suicide bomber could kill her , not when she was inside that bullet and bomb proof toyota. This time there was no question of missing the target; she had to be killed else it would become very difficult for the talibani soldiers to take over pakistan and the nukes that it held like a carrot in front of a donkey. They feared that she as the prime minister would allow the americans to take on the taliban on paki soil, that would have ment the end of the military government as such.

The planning for the job had been done very meticulously. The plan was to take her out without any chance of survival, and hence a sniper was needed, but there was a problem . If a sniper was used then the blame would definitely fall on the military as the terrrorists had never been documented to use a sniper to make an assassination. and then they came up with an ingenious plan such that A sniper would kill her but the blame would fall on the islamic morons.

As she left the place where her dad had been killed her, a nostalgic feeling came upon her, she was hit by something hard, everyone around her were shouting she didn't know what happened and went inside the car, one of her black suited guards started firing at the car and then suddenly there was a huge explosion.

There were chaos everywhere, no one went near the car for a while. She was then loaded onto an ambulance by a few agents as they took her to the hospital the agents removed the sniper's bullet from her head and cleaned up the wound so that it looked like a sharpnel wound that was the plan, to remove the sniper's bullet and then spread the story that some islamists killed her off. they didn't have much time and soon put her in the hospital after ensuring that she was dead

the doctors on duty were baffled by the injury , there was only a hole in the head , they couldn't feel the pulse or heart beat on the body in front of them. The guards told them that there was this huge explosion and that she had died from it. The puzzled doctors could do nothing but buy the theory of the guards and declared her dead, dead from sharpnel wounds.

The government(military) was very happy now that the task had been executed it was time to blame the morons. They went on air saying that benazir had died when she hit a rod in the car. [it should have been sharpnel but they had to explain the hole in the head]. the governemnt thought that it was successful


something unexpected happened

The asssassins forgot that benazir was an important target of yet another professional group , the media. Every move of her was being covered by the media arounf her and so was the assassination. The government did their best to keep the media as far as possible but the camera's had good optical zooms and moreover used hi-definition video.

The governemnt resolved to fight the terrorists as again and bring justice and benazir was put in the grave