Why do likes repel ?

This is more of a philosophical rather than a technical article.

It is strange that nature likes to keep the likes as far apart as possible. When it comes to electronic charges, the positive-positive or negative-negative combination repel each other with tremendous forces.  This force is around 9 Newtons inside an atom. Imagine an object that is a crore times smaller than your hair experiencing the force of a 10Kg bag!!! that's what is pushing apart the protons.

A similar effect happens with magnetic poles. The like poles stay away from each other while the unlike poles bond easily. Why does nature hate likes? The reason is simply that by keeping away likes and bringing together unlikes nature obtains a state of zero energy. A tranquil but useless and peaceful system is formed. The new system cannot do anything more exciting than being sterile.

A case in point is when likes can get together such as in the same atom that the repelling forces tried to separate them. By exchanging mesons the protons can interact with each other and become one formidable particle. This process is what creates all the different atoms and molecules. The protons act against natures tendency to separate them, get together and create the wonderful universe we live in. If they had bonded with an electron, they'd have just become a blob of energy that could never form the world we live in.

It is weird that only when things go against the norm and natural tendencies do amazing things begin to happen. A norm seems to be formed only because it is easy and requires minimal to zero expenditure of energy and time.
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