How to do everything online

The World has changed rapidly over the past 10 years. We are now connected to the Web not only  from all over the world but also from almost all our devices.

This ubiquitous growth of the Internet is only waiting to enter our lives in more dramatic ways.

Imagine using the web as a place to store all your data, edit all you word and excel files, play music, message friends, browse the internet without losing your anonymity, run an operating system….. and imagine doing all this inside that little browser on which you are reading this page!

This is not something from the future but the present. A website has been silently putting together a collection of web based software to do exactly these tasks and even more! The website in question is


They have used a layout similar to that used by It makes it easier for you to look for the apps to do your job. You’ll find the best software in each category listed in the first page. You can find an even larger collection in subsequent pages.

This website will be very useful for People using Netbooks and also for people on the go. They have an unobtrusive ads system; so it’s easy to find what you need. Truly - “Find the web apps to do your job in seconds”.