The Lights Of Sabarimalai

UPDATE: THE Government of Kerala has officially confessed that the lights in Sabarimalai were being staged by Government machinery. Read the story here

Sabaramalai - (the hill of shabari) is the legendary hill where the mythical character of shabari lived.

In modern times this place has become famous for the ayappa temple situated on top of it. It is believed by conspiracy theorists that this temple may actually have been dedicated to Buddha !

They go on giving examples stating the influence of buddhism in the area and ending with the seating position of ayappa which they believe resembles that of the buddha

Now coming to the controversy, this is with regard to the lights that come up every year on the 14th of January
How can this be explained?

Here is a rational explanation with proof.

According to the traditions of the tribal's every year during the harvest season they lit a pyre of wood in the forests this, I believe was nothing but the age old tradition of making the cattle jump over a raging fire which is still done all over India

as time went on the practice was discontinued most probably because it was difficult to herd the cattle up the mountains.
Earlier to this time , a temple had been built for ayappa on top the shabari hills. And when anyone looked towards the older mountain from atop the mountain of the temple it appeared to be a brilliant display of light for as long as the flames put up for the cattle run existed. People enjoyed the sight and somewhere down the line someone said that the lights were that of the lord of the hills ; this legend caught on and there was no looking back in order to in-satiate the thirst of the devotees year after year a fire was light as a formality in remembrance of the age old culture.

Also just before the light is to come it is believed that an eagle will arrive. This can be easily explained all one needs to do is put some food and with right food along with a little help from the theory of probability you will always get an eagle; soon after an eagle is sighted a message is relayed and this is put in practice in way of lighting a fire to a pre-configured pyre ! producing a light just as the devotees expected.

The bad thing is that all these ceremonies are not explained and instead some fanatic goes on record saying that it was an appearance of god on top of the hills. This notion has also been promoted by the atheist communists as it has helped them rake in a lot of money in the name of; god, of-course.

Evidences Present for whatever I have said
  • 2-3 months before the season (read pilgrimage) is to begin people are not allowed inside the hill opposite to shabari, it is cordoned off by the police and the temple trust
  • an youth organization of Kerala, The Kerala Yukthivadi Sangham(The humanist association of Kerala) had once managed to sneak in its volunteers and they managed to light 2-3 pyres producing 2-3 lights. The devotees who by now had lost the rational thinking believed that the lord had appeared thrice to appease them
  • A few people from the Kerala state electricity board have testified to what happen in the cordoned area, read it here
Now that you know the truth, the next time you go to this awesome place called shabarimalai enjoy the nature. And when there are lights coming u p in the mountain be happy , you are one of the only few who questioned their source which is also the true purpose of any religion.

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Kaushik said...

When i saw the footage aired on TV,i had the same thoughts that you potray in the above write up.
I expressed it to my parents and got admonished for that :) .I concur with the facts (no1 and 2),i have read that before.

But as you say,people are way too blind and irrational to accept these facts.

GOOD ONE..KEEP it UP :) :)

Anonymous said...

But the truth is there

as always